Vacant Property Management

What is vacant property management?

Vacant property management services are designed to protect, maintain, and manage empty properties.

These services ensure the property remains secure, well-maintained, and ready for reoccupation or sale, ultimately preserving the property’s value and reducing potential risks associated with vacancy.

Keyholding services

Keyholding services are an essential component of vacant property management.

They provide a trusted entity with the keys to your vacant property, allowing for quick access in emergencies, routine inspections, and maintenance tasks.

Keyholding services ensure that there’s always someone available to respond to incidents and can minimise the risks of damage or security breaches​.

Waste management

After renters have left, been evicted, or passed away, it is crucial to clean the property thoroughly so it is fit for new tenants. Tenants may have left behind waste or even dangerous materials.

When hazardous materials or drug paraphernalia are (and might seriously endanger public health, a qualified empty property management company must clear the location.

Property checks

Not every vacant property needs constant on-site protection, however, it’s advised for properties at greater risk of criminal damage.

To remain on top of your maintenance and security checks, regular inspections are needed.

These inspections help identify and address issues like structural damage, water leaks, and security vulnerabilities before they escalate into more significant problems.

Continued property checks are a major part of empty property management and ensure compliance with insurance compliance.

Lock-up services

With dependable lock-up services, your employees will have constant access to properties at designated times. Lock-up services are also critical for securing all entry points of the building.

The service is vital in property safeguarding by preventing vandalism, theft, and squatting. It can also ensure your unoccupied space is always secure through opening hours. If you have multiple vacant properties, these services will be vital.

Why should you use our services?

Protection against criminal damage

Vacant property management can significantly reduce the risk of criminal damage. Regular monitoring and security measures deter potential vandals and intruders, keeping your property secure​.

Lower repair and maintenance costs

By conducting regular inspections, empty property management helps identify and fix issues before they become costly. Taking a proactive approach ensures the property remains in good condition and can save you money on extensive repairs​.

Hassle-free property ownership

Engaging with professional security managers alleviates the stress and responsibility of maintaining an empty property. Our services provide peace of mind, knowing that your property is being expertly managed without requiring your constant attention.

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