Solar Powered Mobile CCTV Tower – Clearway inView CCTV Tower

The Clearway inView solar powered CCTV Tower is a standalone, rapid-to-deploy, easy to transport/manoeuvre security solution giving near 360-degree site coverage via multiple remote PIR sensors.

It is a highly effective, visible criminal deterrent, with the added benefit of remote monitoring from our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The scope and flexibility of the inView solar powered CCTV Tower make it a truly versatile and cost-effective security solution for a multitude of applications.

We provide solar CCTV tower hire on a short or long-term basis to a wide variety of clients in both public and private sectors.


The inView CCTV tower is suitable for a wealth of environments, locations and scenarios requiring a highly visible criminal deterrent and 24/7/365 remote monitoring:

Construction Sites Open Land Car Parks Rail Infrastructure Sports Venues Outdoor Events Music Festivals Storage Yards Housing Development Utility Infrastructure


Clearway InView CCTV Tower Product Features & Benefits:

  • 6m Telescopic mast with a mounted PTZ camera, any activation causes the tower’s camera to rotate, zoom and focus on the cause.
  • Solar CCTV towers can connect to multiple remote, wireless PIR sensors mounted up to 100m from the tower, each with a ~30m detection range.
  • Remote monitoring by our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to provide 24/7/365 surveillance and protection.
  • Communication and monitoring are via the mobile network so there is no need for mains power or a fixed internet connection.
  • In-built capacity for night illumination and infrared vision to capture footage 24 hours a day.
  • Solar powered CCTV towers utilise solar panels and high-capacity, sealed batteries requiring minimum maintenance. Using no fuel means no emissions and no noise pollution.
  • Arm / disarm features enable customisation and control on the go via the mobile network, plus monitoring on handheld devices from a remote location.
  • Fully weatherproof to withstand prolonged external exposure and adverse weather conditions.
  • Independent functionality: CCTV towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods.
  • Swift setup: this is a rapid deployment solar CCTV tower, with installation in just 20 minutes and being fully live and monitored within a couple of hours.
  • Solar powered CCTV towers can come with the added option to sound an audible siren to deter live criminal intrusions.
  • Optional extras are available including air quality monitoring, PPE detection, stopped vehicle detection and ANPR.


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