Sitex Doors & Security Screens

SITEX Security – from the 1980s to the 21st Century

Sitex Security Products Ltd was the first company to patent and then hire, modular, reusable, steel window screens and temporary security doors in the early 1980’s. The innovative feature was the use of flexible fixing points along the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ coordinates so that the window screens could be affixed using internal back-bars to any opening which was smaller than the screen itself.

Previously, contractors or the council works department (DLO – Direct Labour Organisation) would fashion plywood sheeting to form doors and block windows taking many costly hours. This caused damage to the property and the ineffective security caused delays in re-letting the property. The plywood generally could not be reused or moved onto another property, so it was environmentally and sustainably unfriendly.

Sitex security doors and Sitex security window screens minimised damage to the window and door frames whilst allowing easy access, natural light and ventilation into the dwelling. This solution became very successful and was rolled out into Ireland, France, Benelux and Germany over the 1990s’s securing hundreds of thousands of dwellings for local authorities and housing associations.

Secure Empty Property has developed Sitex security doors and Sitex window screens since 2012. Retaining the best features of the products yet augmenting and improving the fixing methods, Secure Empty Property modular Sitex doors and screens are available in an attractive ‘leaf green’ colour. A key innovation is a novel fixing method which avoids steel studs protruding into the door and window openings creating a dangerous health and safety hazard for contractors and visitors. In addition, the door can be locked whilst contractors are working on site without using keys allowing speedy egress in the event of a fire etc.

Focusing on commercial and retail properties creates new challenges for modular Sitex security doors and window screens. Large, glazed openings such as shop windows do not allow internal fixing points, unlike residential PVCu windows which have opening lights and can be easily de-glazed. Here, the Secure Empty Property installation teams utilise galvanised, perforated, anti-vandal steel sheeting which is bespoke cut on site to fit into, or to completely overlap, the window reveal. This anti-vandal sheet can be ‘married’ with a Sitex security door creating high security protection for the opening yet retaining easy keyed access for workmen.

Large windows or openings into the property cannot be easily secured without a firm foundation into which to secure the anti-vandal steel sheet. Again, the Secure Empty Property installation teams can create a bespoke wooden framework cut on site to tailor-make security to each property.

Sitex security doors and Sitex window screens, although a very effective visual and physical deterrent to intruders, are only one line of defence. Secure Empty Property will advise about the ‘5D’s’ of security; Deter, Distance, Detect, Deny, and Defend, using our proven risk management approach.

By integrating our physical, electronic and manned security options, we can tailor security levels to the risk at every stage of the vacant property life-cycle. Sitex window screens and Sitex security doors are one of the many security solutions we can deploy to mitigate vandalism, arson, squatting, theft and traveller occupation nationwide.

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