Site Clearance

Removal, recycling, and licenced disposal of waste from construction or demolition sites can be problematic. Secure Empty Property is a licenced waste, site clearance contractor and can remove rubbish, abandoned items, hazardous waste, or fly-tipping – nationwide.

Traveller sites can also require site clearance after eviction whilst personal belongings, needle sweeps, sharps, graffiti and the accumulation of rubbish can create a site unsuitable and unsafe for ongoing works. Following a specialist risk assessment, a full range construction site clearance and on-going security services can be deployed quickly to prevent future problems.

Full range service – Nationwide

This can include the removal of body fluids, human & animal waste, drug-use ‘sharps’ and other hazardous materials requiring specialist attention with site cleaning and sanitisation.

Fly-tipping on open land or commercial sites is becoming increasingly problematic. Fly-tipping can include hazardous material such as asbestos which requires urgent attention and professional service for removal and waste management. Secure Empty Property can provide comprehensive risk assessments and method statements to quickly achieve a clear and safe site.

Secure Empty Property can also provide site protection services such as concrete barriers, temporary fencing and portable, monitored intruder detectors to prevent re-occurrence.

Fly-tipping site clearance costs

Over 1 million fly-tipping incidents were reported in 2019, an increase of 8%. Large fly-tipping incidents cost local authorities nearly £13m in site clearance. On private land, fly-tipping is the responsibility of the landlord who must instruct site clearance contractors. Asbestos, fridges and other contaminated or hazardous waste can lead to significant clear-up and recycling costs.

Secure Empty Property is a professional site clearance contractor authorised to remove contaminated and hazardous waste – nationwide.

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