Security Window Screens

Temporary metal security window screens to vacant property

Our steel security window screens provide a unique property security solution to empty property. Providing you with an efficient, same day, visual and physical deterrent to squatters, vandals, and burglary. Our security screens can be installed in minutes to give you peace of mind and easily removed for repair or decoration to the property.

The modular range of steel window screens with bespoke anti-tamper, high-security fixings and interchangeable security doors gives us the required flexibility to secure any type of residential, retail or commercial property nationwide.

Our steel shuttering systems are engineered to be more advanced versions of the original Sitex steel security screens and Sitex doors used by local authorities and proven in thousands of installations.

Temporary installation with minimal damage

Secure Empty Property has a choice of security screen types dependent on property type to maximise building protection and minimise damage in the most cost-effective manner.

Modular Sitex – type steel security window screens or shutters are available in numerous sizes to cover the glazed area. These feature flexible fixing points and are connected by utilising steel studding or cable, and then linked through opening lights by bolts or ratchets to steel internal bars across the inside of the window reveal. This ‘sandwiches’ the window opening removing the need for damage to window frames and often the need to de-glaze. Should de-glazing PVCu windows be required, sealed units and beading will be bagged in each room ready for reinstatement.

Fixed glazing can be secured by drilling at least four fixing holes through wooden window frames allowing steel cable to be fed to the internal back-bars. Pressure is applied using heavy-duty ratchets to each cable.

We also have the option for some property types or requirements such as demolition projects, to install galvanised 1.2mm perforated, galvanised steel sheet bespoke cut to window reveal size and installed into frames or adjacent brickwork with our own unique security screws.

Large glazed areas such as retail shop windows can be secured by constructing a bespoke timber framework in front of the glazing. This can be affixed to adjacent brickwork to avoid damage to glazing or metal / PVCu frames.

Heavy-duty anti-burglary design

Unlike traditional plywood boarding, our heavy-duty modular steel security window screens allow natural light inside the property to help repairs and improve site health and safety. These metal window screens are also anti-corrosion powder coated to maintain an attractive appearance against graffiti or the elements. The Leaf Green paintwork is both attractive and professional avoiding attracting vandals and making a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for new tenants or purchasers.

Improve H&S within voids

Our metal window screens feature perforations over the entire area which allow ventilation to the property. This minimises damp and maintains the condition of long-term vacant sites. In addition, the perforations allow natural light transmission into the property. This allows change of tenancy or refurbishment work to take place without the cost of artificial lighting. In addition, it improves the health and safety of the property for visitors, contractors and for weekly inspections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 1.2mm anti-vandal steel security sheet and Sitex modular void security screens are perforated to allow natural light transmission and ventilation to the property.

Unlike traditional plywood boarding which blocks all light internally, our systems do not need artificial light or for mains power to be retained.

We have two options to protect window openings. Either an anti-vandal steel sheet which is bespoke cut to size or modular Sitex-type window screens which come in a wide range of sizes.

Window screens are affixed with internal back-bars and either securing studs or straps. Larger openings can be secured by abutting screens together. Generally, glazing is removed to afford access internally and will be reinstated upon removal. Sites will need to be surveyed in advance of installation to ensure the appropriate sized screens are available.

Physical steel security is only one solution to protect empty residential or commercial property. Temporary, monitored alarms can complement this visual and physical deterrent to offer a higher level of protection.

Ultimately any physical security can be overcome given sufficient time, tools and motivation so paring our intruder and smoke detection systems with anti-vandal steel security can most effectively mitigate risks.