Property Clearance – Professional Empty Property Cleaning

Property Clearance

Removal and recycling of unwanted items in an empty property or site can come in many forms. From a simple change of tenancy property clearance through to removal of hazardous waste, hoarding materials during probate or fly-tipping, Secure Empty Property can help.

We offer a range of domestic and commercial property clearance services to suit your needs and budget whilst our security solutions keep the property safe. All with a single call.

Building clearance

House clearance can include removal of household items, furniture, white goods and personal belongings. These can be either recycled, stored or disposed of at appropriate local authority recycling centres. Secure Empty Property is a licenced waste carrier and will issue certificates of recycling to clients upon completion.

Clearance of combustible materials can be an insurance requirement and should be completed and evidenced photographically very quickly to ensure compliance with policy conditions.


Empty property clearance after squatters have been evicted can be a challenge.

Personal belongings, needle sweeps, sharps, graffiti and the accumulation of rubbish can create a site unsuitable for re-letting and unsafe for refurbishment. Following a specialist risk assessment of the property, a full range property clearance and on-going security services can be deployed quickly and nationwide.

This can include the removal of body fluids, human & animal waste, drug-use ‘sharps’ and other hazardous materials requiring specialist attention with empty property cleaning and sanitisation.

Nationwide service

Secure Empty Property will undertake the appropriate risk assessment and method statements prior to undertaking such works evidencing all activities with images and evidencing the safe disposal of waste by the appropriate organisations as part of our empty property cleaning services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Empty Property is a licenced waste carrier and provide a specialist sharps/bio-hazard removal service (e.g. needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes etc). These are specialist services which should not be entrusted to general clearance companies. Risk of Hepatitis infection and potential infestation of fleas / bed-bugs makes this work essential before general contractors enter the site.

Secure Empty Property is Licensed by the Environment Agency and all collected waste is processed in a local authority recycling centre. Receipts are provided to complete a detailed audit trail.

Secure Empty Property provide a one-stop-shop for all property eviction and repossessions, commercial or residential, nationwide. This can include :-

  • Lock changes & keyholding
  • Site clearance & storage of possessions
  • Garden maintenance
  • Drain-down & isolation of utilities
  • Pest control
  • Emergency repairs
  • Statutory EICR & legionella testing 
  • Weekly inspections

All work is clearly reported and evidenced by images from site.

Each insurer will have different unoccupied property insurance policy conditions and its important that you comply with these to maintain cover. Normally weekly inspections are essential and these must be evidenced with a written report. Drain-down and isolation of electrics is also essential to minimise flooding/fire risks. In addition, clearance of combustibles within the property especially gas cylinders should be carried out immediately.

If the property is perceived as high-risk, additional security may be required such as temporary monitored alarms and steel security sheeting to windows.