Property Caretakers

An alternative to traditional static guards, live-in property or house caretakers provide dedicated support and security for your vacant sites. By having a permanent presence on site, issues of vandalism, theft and disrepair due to the property being unattended are prevented.

Taking Care of your vacant property

Property caretakers provide a permanent presence on-site 24/7. As a result, they become your “eyes and ears” to quickly intervene should any issues occur with the property such as pests, mould, plumbing leaks, smoke alarms and wider property condition problems. They provide protection by occupation to deter unauthorised access whilst providing access for visitors, electricity and gas meter readings etc.

Cheaper than a security guard, more reliable than a Guardian

Property caretakers are uniformed, SIA licenced (Security Industry Authority) and fully vetted with photo-ID. Caretakers are drawn from the UK military Gurkhas and so have the discipline and training to deliver a full checklist of services to help landlords and prospective tenants. Generally, two Caretakers are deployed at each site to provide better security and lone worker protection.

As property caretakers occupy the site and have free living accommodation, they are more cost-effective than traditional security guards on standard 168-hour weekly contracts. Unlike Guardians, however, they strictly adhere to agreed activities on-site and are continuously present while Guardians may go out to work.

Property caretakers do not occupy the property on short-term licences and so landlords have much greater flexibility to terminate contracts at short notice should security no longer be required. Some living accommodation is required together with live utilities at each property; however, this rarely demands any building works or a change of use at the site.

Vetted, ex-military personnel give you confidence

When protecting high-value sites, it is essential that landlords have confidence in the property caretakers. As keyholders and managing all aspects of security and maintenance at the site, landlords may not trust traditional live-in guardians who occupy the site but have no contractual responsibility. Properties with high-value architectural fixtures and fittings may be particularly vulnerable.

Who would you trust with your property keys?

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