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Our inView Detect PID security system is an advanced wireless intrusion detection device ideal for vacant properties and high-risk premises.

The likelihood of break-ins, thefts and vandalism skyrockets when a property is empty or in a remote area away from public view. Implementing inView Detect technology throughout your empty site is a smart way to protect against criminal activity and trespassers without any need to connect your intrusion detection device to mains electricity.

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We offer a comprehensive range of services to safeguard empty, vacant or remote premises and homes from unwanted attention. The inView Detect motion sensor technology is designed to efficiently deter, capture and notify site managers of intrusions and other activities such as vandalism, theft, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

As a portable, solar/battery-powered PID security system, this autonomous device is immediately deployable and is used across commercial and residential premises, from construction sites to private homes, open areas of land and warehousing facilities with an elevated theft risk.

Around-the-Clock Wireless Intrusion Detection

The majority of thefts and break-ins occur when a property or premise is empty, unguarded and not easily visible to passers-by or motorists. For landlords, owners of vacant homes and site managers, the cost and time required to fit a wired intrusion detection system is unviable, particularly if a premise is due to be empty for a limited period.

Our inView Detect system is simple to deploy. It provides complete 360-degree coverage, with an integrated app to ensure you can program your intrusion detection device as you wish, arming and disarming from any location.

If movement is detected, the inView device will instantly issue a signal to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is staffed by highly trained security responders. This approach ensures that should anything suspicious occur, the incident will be flagged and logged, allowing our teams to liaise with your security personnel, site manager or the local emergency services as appropriate.

PID security systems feature customisable programming, where you can instruct your inView Detect device to disregard movements caused by animals or wildlife, eliminating the risk of false alerts or unnecessary call-outs.

Features and Properties of the inView Detect Anti-Intrusion Device

As an advanced, versatile alternative to conventional security systems, inView Detect is entirely wireless and suitable for any location or environment. Each PID security unit is housed within a secure mounting system and can be placed indoors or outdoors without the potential for the device to be shifted or impacted by adverse weather conditions.

The features provide customisable security protection, including:

  • App-based arm and disarm controls.
  • Automatic or manual programming settings.
  • Immediate alerts if the device is tampered with.
  • Full coverage even across large or open-plan spaces.

Should you require short-term intrusion protection, wish to adjust your security coverage based on changing requirements, or need an alarm-based device you can relocate around your property or site, the inView Detect system is uniquely flexible.

Intelligent Threat and Intrusion Detection

Alongside motion detection sensors, inView Detect incorporates a two-step LISA algorithm. In practice, this ensures that the perimeter intrusion detection system will analyse and verify any movement signal to differentiate between real-time threats and false alerts.

Each wireless intrusion detection device includes:

  • Correlation analysis features, which compare two sensor signals simultaneously to determine the cause of the trigger.
  • Spectral analysis technology to assess the frequency of sensor signals to investigate ambiguous alarms or movement detection scenarios.
  • Four in-built cameras, which take up to five pictures following an alert, helping responders verify or disregard the alarm.

The cameras work independently and provide an animation showing the developing situation and all the contributing factors. If the device believes an active threat may occur, this feature ensures that security responders can review sharp, clear images to decide on the right protocol to follow.

Remote Surveillance When You Need it Most

A coordinated, timely response is essential when an intrusion alert is transmitted. We provide access to 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year, where any alarm is investigated and responded to accordingly. The remote transmission features ensure images are available on-demand via your app and are shared with our monitoring centre.

Responders and app users receive an alert whenever their perimeter intrusion detection system is activated and can review images of the incident to determine the right response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because inView Detect works without cabling or wiring, it can be fitted anywhere you wish, either by one of our expert engineers or your in-house colleagues. Several PID security units can be linked together for maximum coverage of large areas. This functionality is ideal for empty and vacant properties or more complex sites such as construction zones since the unit does not need a power supply or any other infrastructure.

The portable nature of the inView Detect unit makes it a versatile security device that offers cost-effective protection. Portable units are significantly faster to deploy than any permanent or fixed intrusion system or motion detection device.

A PID security device is a perfect solution when a site is difficult to access, requires changing security surveillance coverage or does not have a readily available and tamper-proof wiring system.

Our inView Direct intrusion detection device can be integrated with any other devices used within your site or property, from fire alarms, panic buttons and air quality monitors to flood detection devices and smoke detectors.

The inView Detect device can be programmed with tailored geofencing controls, which determine the edge of your property boundary or the perimeter you wish to cover. Geofencing ensures PID security system users receive notifications whenever an alarm activation occurs but do not need to manage false alarms due to movement outside the monitored zone.

Because these parameters are manually programmed, you can use this feature to refine the specific area being monitored, focusing on high-value zones or entry routes.