Mobile CCTV Tower – ULTRA-I Intruder Detection System

Dependant on the property area to be protected we have a range of cameras with various distance detection. Ensuring protection against unauthorised entry to your commercial premises.

The ULTRA-I Tower intruder detection system is designed specifically for larger empty properties or for locations where a normal passive infra-red (PIR) detector installation is not possible or is less cost-effective. It is wireless and battery powered so does not require cabling or mains power.

This external mobile CCTV tower comprises dual motion detectors which capture a 10-second video of the detected movement day or night. This video segment is then sent to our 24/7/365-day remote monitoring station where verification of an intruder or false activation through wildlife or movement of foliage is verified. This eliminates wasted cost and time from false alarms.


  • Vacant commercial property
  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Post-eviction monitoring
  • Vacant land subject to trespass or fly-tipping
  • Access roads or pedestrian gates
  • Industrial sites to reduce static guarding
  • Sub-stations, wind-farms, reservoirs

ULTRA-I Tower Installation process:

Our ULTRA-I mobile CCTV tower system is designed for fast deployment – nationwide. The heavy armoured base features removable handles and wheels allowing the system to be locked in place.

The height of ULTRA-I mobile security tower mast can be altered to between 3m and 4.5m to give maximum coverage. This system also features an anti-climb spike ring to protect the intruder alarm and motion activated cameras at the top of the mobile CCTV tower.

Product Features & Specifications:

The entire system works through GPRS wireless technology. The top of the mast features external motion detection cameras and a sounder for activations. Each motion detection beam can be configured to suit the needs of your specific site including wide-range and long-range detection options.

External Cameras

  • Wireless GPRS technology
  • 90° wide lens (by default) Provided optional lenses: vertical and horizontal curtain, long-range beam (up to 18m)
  • 4 infrared LEDs for 12m night vision
  • Fully weatherproof (IP65) and temperature resistant (-20°C/+60°C)
  • Tilt sensor tamper
  • 3 wired programmable inputs (2 supervised)
  • 1 wired programmable output triggered on detection
  • Powered by 4 Lithium batteries for extended battery life


  • Wireless technology
  • 100 dBA output at 1 metre
  • Programmable sounder and flashlight 3-15-minute duration (to meet local legislation)
  • Flash LED light
  • Dual tamper detection
  • Powered with 3 LR20 alkaline batteries (4-year battery life)


mobile security tower 6

ULTRA-I Mobile CCTV Tower GPRS Control Panel

The water and temperature resistant control panel has been designed for outdoor commercial applications. A dual-tamper function is active 24 hours, whether or not the system is armed. The alarm will sound if the control panel cover is removed from the portable intruder detection system, or if the control panel is removed from the mounting surface. In order to arm or disarm the system verified users must enter their unique code into the external keypad.

The control panel is powered by 4 LSH20 Lithium batteries that will last up to four years, with normal system activity.

Specification: Portable Security Tower

The most important element of the portable security tower is being able to manoeuvre the tower easily on site, the overall robustness of the system including the stabilisers and mast strength of the tower in windy conditions to insure that stability is correct when installed. 

Secondly to have the ability to mount different types of security detectors, therefore, gaining a flexible approach to the actual property site’s security needs when installed. 

mobile security tower 1We feel the best solution is always based around:

A GSM Mobile wireless & battery based solution  

Capture images of vandals/thieves and alert a central monitoring centre about unusual activity.  

This negates the need for cabled networking or mains power as ALL connectivity is totally wireless with long battery life.

The lighting tower is composed of:

A frame on which the security mast is fixed – two extendable outriggers which are adjustable in height, to ensure the stability of the tower on any working surface.

A manual trolley with a single axle with wheels and handles to move the lighting tower – a vertical elevation telescopic mast which can be raised up to a maximum height of 5.5 meters.

A manual winch with an automatic pressure brake to raise and lower the telescopic mast – a security image detector assembly that can be composed of different detector types if needed dependant on the property site to be protected.

Wind load stability UP TO 80 km/h

Stabilisers 2 adjustable

Dimensions (l x w x h)

  • Minimum 1480 x 1090 x 2180
  • Maximum 1730 x 1570 x 5500
  • Weight 210 kg


Interested? Contact our experienced and friendly team about our high-end mobile CCTV tower and we can have your property secured in hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our range of mobile CCTV towers allows large, open sites to be protected without securing detectors into adjacence buildings or fencing. This is particularly important if the site is a listed property and give greater flexibility of location and so coverage of the site.

Towers can elevate the detectors or cameras up to 5m so providing a 360Deg panoramic view of the site. Towers can be relocated easily as the building site or development progresses.

Secure Empty Property CCTV towers are available on a low-cost daily hire basis which is inclusive of 24-hour monitoring and maintenance. Response to site from alarm activations are charged separately but can be verified from footage from the camera that the response was not a false alarm.

Delivery, commissioning and removal at the end of the hire period are charged separately and depend upon the site location. Call our Operations team on 0330 088 1973 for costs and advice.

Mobile CCTV offers a high level of security with 24-hour monitoring and response to site at a fraction of the cost of a static guard.

A number of different systems are available offering local monitoring by the client or their security team or alternatively, remote monitoring by Secure Empty Property.

All systems are wireless and battery-powered with solar panels where appropriate so can be used in remote locations without phone lines or mains power.