Metal Security Doors

Temporary metal security doors to vacant property

Our temporary metal security and safety doors give you peace of mind your vacant property is secured. This unique property access control solution for empty properties is designed to a heavy-duty anti-vandal specification. So providing you with an efficient, same day, visual and physical deterrent to squatters, vandals, and burglary.

Developed from the original Sitex metal security doors, our precision engineered heavy gauge metal screen doors are advanced versions of the original Sitex building protection doors used by UK local authorities and proven in thousands of installations.

Temporary installation with minimal damage

Our temporary Sitex – type heavy-duty metal security doors are designed by and manufactured for Secure Empty Property Limited and are available in three widths: 800, 840 and 870mm. There is also the facility to extend the doors with side and fanlight extensions to fully cover the property door both in width and height. These metal screen doors can be installed in minutes with a variety of fixing methods so that the original door can be retained in place.

Heavy-duty anti-burglary design

The metal security door system is designed in two parts. The frame is manufactured from 2mm Zintec steel whilst the door skin is manufactured from 1.5mm Zintec steel. All parts are powder-coated for anti-corrosion and to maintain an attractive appearance. The door has three purpose-made two-piece hinges with each male/female part welded to the door frame and skin. The door skin is designed with tight tolerances so that it is retained within the frame if the metal security door is attacked.

These metal screen steel security doors are fitted in front of the existing property door and open outwards to provide full wheelbarrow width access. They utilise two 5-lever mortice deadlocks which are suited uniquely to Secure Empty Property. The flexible anti-tamper fixing methods create a very strong anti-vandal brace between the metal security door and the property door frame.

Effective alternative to plywood boarding

Our full-width metal security doors cover the property’s letter flap so preventing the build up of potentially combustible junk mail. In addition, by diverting the post from previous occupiers, clients avoid potential issues with GDPR and data protection from posted bank or credit card statements.

Metal screen doors are effective for both short-term or long-term installations from quick change of tenancy or demolition installations. Installed or removed in minutes by trained teams nationwide, metal security doors are an ideal alternative to traditional plywood fabricated access doors.

The Secure Empty Property metal security doors are finished in anti-corrosion Leaf Green paintwork to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing finish. This professional finish avoids attracting vandals or squatters and improves the appearance of the property to potential purchasers or new tenants.

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