Keyless Security Doors

Keyless steel security doors provide a high-security barrier to protect empty or vacant properties, preventing vandalism, break-ins, thefts and squatters.

Our sophisticated keyless security doors are produced to industry-accredited standards and ensure that all authorised visitors can access the property without the potential for keys to be lost, stolen or copied.

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As an ideal solution for premises that are empty or that have been subject to previous break-ins, these metal security doors provide easy access yet cannot be crow-barred or otherwise tampered with to allow criminals or vandals to gain access.

With a broad range of solutions, we can supply and install keyless steel security doors in bespoke sizing, fitting these alongside robust steel screens to protect windows and other potential access points from illegal entry.

Fitting a Keyless Security Door to an Empty Property

Vacant homes and premises are exposed to a substantially higher risk of criminal intrusions than those that are occupied. In many cases, thefts are opportunistic, where intruders bypass a standard lock or smash the frame to enter an empty unit or residence. They may look to strip wiring and fixtures, cause deliberate damage, set fires, or intend to reside in your property as squatters.

For property owners and landlords, these scenarios can cause untold cost and stress, with the complexity of claiming against insurance policies, evicting squatters, repairing damage and replacing stolen items.

Our premium keyless steel security door is engineered to offer the highest levels of safety, featuring a five-digit access code keypad and an independent locking function that cannot be removed, tampered with or broken.

These doors provide straightforward entry and exit permissions for approved attendees while preventing unwanted intruders from entering the premises by cutting away the hinges or using force to break through a conventional door.

Keyless Security Doors vs Standard Key-Operated Doors

A keyless door offers an advantage over traditional security doors, designed with a heavy-gauge steel plating material that can be adapted to any size of opening, from a standard residential front door to a large-scale commercial entrance.

Features built into every security door system include:

  • An advanced installation process where security doors are secured from inside the premise, ensuring the original frame remains undamaged.
  • Heavy-duty webbed and folded steel construction, which is resistant to any impact or tooling.
  • Programmable entry codes, with a twin battery system as a backup, to ensure only approved visitors can enter and exit.
  • Unique single-use entry codes for emergency services, allowing responders to gain access when managing an urgent situation such as a fire or flooding.

Keyless operation is ideal since a large proportion of break-ins occur due to the ease with which criminals can use ‘skeleton’ keys and other tools to pick locks and bypass even high-security locking devices.

Property owners can select their own codes and share them with surveyors, tradespeople and property agents without any of the risks associated with creating multiple sets of keys and relying on each keyholder to keep them in a safe place.

The Technology Behind a Keyless Security Door

Unlike a conventional lock-based security door, keyless doors have a mechanism that facilitates rapid entry and exit in an emergency, preventing visitors or owners from being locked in or unable to evacuate quickly. Tested to the highest quality standards, these doors are the only model in the UK to be police-approved.

The battery system that operates the keypad has a fail-safe backup and can be used over 150,000 times for up to nine years, ensuring your premise remains protected for any period.

Keyless security doors are commonly used by:

  • Landlords with properties that are currently vacant.
  • Owners managing property renovations and repairs.
  • Construction teams working on premises under development.
  • Commercial landlords with empty units.
  • Businesses with vacant property assets.

An automatic locking function and a slam-lock system mean that the door remains locked continually, opening only when the correct code is entered. Even when the property is occupied or being inspected, only an approved person can gain access.

Preventing Vacant Property Intrusions With Steel Security Doors

Our steel, keyless doors are highly visible and look very different from a conventional door – deterring intruders who may otherwise have attempted to break into the property. The heavy-duty steel is instantly recognisable as a robust security measure and may deter attempted intrusions before they occur.

The installation process is quick and seamless, and our efficient and experienced engineers can attend your premises at a convenient time, providing our professional service throughout the UK.

By fitting a keyless security door, you can retain the integrity of the existing building structure and frame, with doors available for temporary or long-term usage as required.

Once a vacant property or empty unit is required, such as when a tenant is found, the security door can be quickly dismantled and removed, allowing the building to return to normal usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These security doors are manufactured from tough steel panels and are unbreakable. Criminals cannot pry the door from the hinges, break through the entrance, or tamper with the keypad. Rather than needing a key to gain entry and having to provide multiple copies of keys to inspectors or property users, owners can share their customised entry code with authorised attendees, further reducing the potential for break-ins.

Unfortunately, vacant properties and empty homes are often a target for thieves, arsonists, vandals and squatters – it is often apparent that a premise is unused, which attracts criminal activity.

Fitting a keyless security door mitigates the risk of a break-in or other unlawful activity while protecting the property’s exterior. We also provide additional services, such as steel security screens for windows, ensuring that all potential entry points are covered.

Yes – our security doors are accredited to an exceptionally high standard and are approved by the British police as a safe way to protect empty properties. Doors are purpose-built and contain features that prevent anybody from accidentally locking themselves in, with a dual battery system that runs for up to nine continuous years.