Gurkha Security

You need to trust your security provider when protecting high-value property assets. What better way than by using ex-military Gurkha Security Services? Drawn from the British military, our Gurkha security team will safely secure your premises against vandalism, trespassing, unauthorised access and burglary.

Gurkha Security means reliable and professional security for your property.

Confidence and trust

Our trained and uniformed Gurkha Security Services, each with photo-ID, give you the confidence of military discipline and fully vetted personnel. Each officer is SIA licenced (Security Industry Authority) backed by a 24-hour manned control room.

Flexible and cost-effective security

Gurkha Security delivers unrivalled loss prevention, surveillance, and supervision of your vacant commercial, retail or industrial properties – so unauthorised access can be prevented. Gurkha Security Services can be deployed as static guards or mobile patrols to cover a number of properties. In addition, they can provide alarm response and keyholding to our Ultra temporary intruder alarm systems.

Contracts are flexible and cost-effective. They can be deployed at short notice as a stop-gap between the installation of physical and electronic security measures or for longer-term property asset management.

Gurkha Security Services

Gurkha officers can manage access onto site recording all visitors and contractors for fire safety and loss prevention. Alarm codes and keys do not have to be circulated outside the Gurkha team which can pose a security risk. Deliveries can be signed for and safely located in the property. Each site can be regularly patrolled internally and externally

High visibility uniformed guards create a formidable deterrent to potential intruders preventing unauthorised access and its associated vandalism and theft.

Interested? Contact our experienced and friendly team about our Gurkha guards and we can have your property secured in hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Gurkha live-in caretakers offer a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to static guards. Recruited from the British Army and SIA licenced, each caretaker will live on site conducting patrols, managing access and responding to alarm activations 24 hours.

They give the comfort of a continuous security presence and the peace of mind of a trained ex-services soldier. Unlike guardians who pay for the cost of accommodation and will leave site to work/shop etc, live-in caretakers are on a reliable presence working on a contract which can be terminated at short notice once the property is sold or changes hands.

Gurkhas live on site and so are a continuous manned presence on site. Generally operating in pairs for H&S and lone worker protection, the Gurkha team are on contract to work 24 hours, 365/days including bank holidays at no additional cost.

Live-in caretakers are charged on a daily basis with a minimum contract of 3 months. After that time the contract can be terminated with 2 weeks’ notice. There is a mobilisation charge to cover the initial H&S and fire risk assessment to ensure the property is safe and suited to occupation.