Concrete Barrier Hire

Prevent unauthorised vehicle access to your open land, driveways, or car parking areas. Temporary concrete barriers, concrete blocks and temporary security fencing are an effective way to secure the land around a property, construction or demolition site.

Our temporary concrete barrier hire helps prevent access against unwelcome visits from trespassers in vehicles, people wanting to fly tip or set up traveller encampments and helps with insurance considerations.

Applications include:

  • Site perimeters to prevent traveller occupation or fly-tippers
  • Traffic and parking management for outdoor events
  • Creating a safe and compliant working environment on your site or on a highway
  • Reducing the risk of ram raiders or terrorism (hostile vehicle mitigation)


Effective site protection – Nationwide

Secure Empty Property can survey, deliver, install and remove a full range of site protection temporary concrete barriers to protect any site on a semi-permanent basis.

A formidable physical and visual deterrent to trespassers, concrete barriers can be configured with lockable steel vehicle access gates to maintain authorised access to site. In addition, our temporary concrete barriers for hire can be bolted into tarmac or concrete surfaces to increase security levels.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs)

TVCBs have proven to be a popular concrete barrier and are widely used by local councils and highway management companies. They are a pre-cast, cost-effective temporary concrete security barrier option for creating safe traffic zones, and improving pedestrian safety and road-side risk management. They are also compatible for use as an interlocking barrier, using bolts to link adjoining TVCBs together on a level surface.

Dimensions: Weight: 2500kg. Measurements: 3000mm long, 450mm width, 800mm height.

Jersey Barrier

A profiled temporary concrete barrier for extra stability. They include a barrier interlocking solution, making them a strong choice as an anti-vehicle measure, and suitable for perimeter and edge protection. Forklift holes and the simplicity of the interlocking solution makes them easy to position and install.

Dimensions: Weight: 2500kg. Measurements: 3000mm length, 450mm width, 800mm height.

Barrier Gate

Used to retain secure vehicle access to a site in conjunction with any concrete barrier hire and secured using a padlock. Barrier gates can help any authorised user access a site, by providing a simple, easily secured access point.

Dimensions: 3500mm wide.

Lego Block

Concrete blocks, also known as Lego, provide a high strength, interlocking solution that is ideal for securing boundaries on a site or for creating custom storage bays and walls etc. This temporary security option offers the same level of security and resilience as more permanent concrete solutions, but at a reduced cost, more flexibility and a quicker installation.

Dimensions: Weight: 2400kg. Measurements: 1600mm length, 800mm width, 800mm height.

Pyramid Vehicle Restraint Barrier

Designed as hostile vehicle mitigation barrier and ideal for protecting key operational sites against vehicle attack. Comprised of three pyramids and an interlocking system for adjoining barriers, they are specifically designed to stop vehicles of any size and the perfect concrete barrier hire solution.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective temporary vehicle barrier to secure a site or protect a perimeter from unauthorised vehicles access entering or leaving a property, Pyramid Barriers are the ideal choice.

Dimensions: Weight: 2500kg. Measurements: 2700mm length, 900mm width, 900mm height.

Secure Empty Property will advise on the best and most efficient type of concrete barrier hire protection to suit the property and give you cost-effective sale or rental options.

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