GSM Alarms, GPRS Alarm Systems and CCTV Image Capture for Intruder & Smoke Detection

Your property or site can be monitored 24/hours, 365-days without mains power, ‘phone lines or wired installation.

Secure Empty Property has developed its own range of unique intruder detection ‘Ultra’ GPRS/GSM signalling temporary intruder alarm systems. Three alarm versions are available to suit any application or installation requirement with an option to install detectors in a stand-alone Tower.

Ultra Alarm Type Features Applications
Ultra Intruder & Smoke Detection Internal installation to residential or commercial properties
Ultra-I Video-capture to verify alarm activations External installation where false alarms could be problematic due to wildlife or movement of foliage
Ultra-I HD AI technology and High-Definition image capture External installation for larger sites where facial recognition or vehicle number plates are required
Ultra-I Mobile CCTV Tower 360° intruder detection coverage Construction or building sites at risk from children, theft or fly-tipping
Ultra-I video verification – night vision Ultra-I HD image verification – night vision
Ultra-I HD image verification – night vision

All Ultra alarms feature very long battery life and robust functionality and protocols designed specifically for installation in vacant property or open sites. Each has a user-friendly arm/dis-arm function allowing time/day/duration of visit to the site to be recorded. The technology within the alarm is used by a number of Police forces under their witness protection schemes and have been proven in thousands of installations throughout the UK.

The systems are accredited by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) which is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems. Certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence.

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