Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Our NSI-accredited Alarm Receiving Centre offers a professional, 24/7 response service, managing alarms and alerts from any intruder, surveillance, fire safety or alarm system.

Working with an NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensures that all the alarms and security systems within your business or premise are under continual supervision. Staffed by highly trained responders, the service covers every alarm activation, identifying the cause, initiating a rapid response and protecting your workforce, property and assets.

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Businesses can customise their alarm response protocols while having the assurance that every alert will be logged and investigated, with the right action taken to mitigate threats or stop an intrusion in its tracks.

Always-On Alarm Monitoring Services

We work around the clock, 365 days a year, ensuring that if a live incident occurs, it is addressed swiftly and effectively, liaising with the emergency services, security teams, and site managers as appropriate.

Our position as a Gold Standard accredited centre guarantees a professional response service, where activations are investigated to eliminate the cost and time associated with false alarms or call-outs triggered by wildlife.

Monitoring is available on a short or long-term basis, covering temporary alarm and surveillance installations or providing additional security monitoring during periods of increased risk. Businesses may, for example, require alarm monitoring during key phases of a construction project or when a property is vacant for a limited period.

Customisable alarm monitoring allows us to cover any device, system or alarm, including fire and smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, lone worker devices, intruder alarms, and any other elements of your security system.

Minimising Security Risks With Alarm Receiving Centre Monitoring

Every alert is logged and investigated to determine the cause. Our experienced teams are well-versed in handling emergencies and urgent callouts while having the requisite training to identify when an alarm is non-critical or may have been triggered accidentally.

In serious incidents, such as a live fire or where a person’s safety is at risk, we provide a blue light response, coordinating with the local emergency services and verifying the location, cause and details of the alarm to ensure help is en route immediately.

With our well-established and industry-accredited Arc Alarm Centre, we ensure that a time-critical event is actioned correctly and that the police, fire and rescue service or ambulance team closest to you understand the urgency of the response.

Reacting quickly can make a substantial difference, particularly if a theft, break-in or intrusion is underway. In many cases, audio warnings can deter opportunist criminals who know that their movements are being live-recorded and that an emergency response team is on the way.

Businesses and property owners can rest assured that, should any criminal activity occur, this will be addressed, minimising the costs of security breaches, insurance claims and recovering stolen or vandalised equipment and inventory.

Advantages of Professional Security System Monitoring

Our Arc Alarm Centre is a highly secure, purpose-built facility providing nationwide coverage. We take our responsibilities incredibly seriously and have a comprehensive range of provisions and assets to ensure your monitoring services are never interrupted, including:

  • Emergency backup generators to power monitoring devices, communication equipment and alarm transmission receivers.
  • An uninterruptible, tamper-proof power supply for elevated security.
  • Duplicate and backup alarm receiving equipment to ensure every alert from any device and location is logged.
  • Military-grade access controls and security systems assure clients that their data, information, security system footage and alarm logs are only accessible by authorised, trained personnel.

This coverage is in place to ensure that in any scenario, from large-scale power outages to severe weather and storms, your alarms are always under supervision, and any attempts to tamper with or disrupt security signalling are identified.

Types of Alarm System Monitoring

Security responders working at the Alarm Receiving Centre manage a broad array of alarms and systems, with specialist training for complex or bespoke alarms or where clients require targeted monitoring for high-value activities or events.

CCTV Surveillance Monitoring

CCTV cameras are a popular way to deter intruders and keep a watchful eye on movements and activities at a premise or business. We oversee hundreds of CCTV systems, including those equipped with facial recognition and vehicle number plate detection technology (ANPR).

Fire and Smoke Detection System Monitoring

Our responders monitor a full range of fire safety services, from advanced air particle analysis alarms for facilities using flammables and chemicals to smoke detectors and manually activated fire alarms, notifying the emergency services where necessary, and ensuring the building is evacuated.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

We supervise all types of alarms and motion detectors, from vacant property wireless intruder alarms to motion sensors, perimeter alarms and alarm systems that detect broken glass, activity outside working hours, or vehicular activity on your premises.

The Arc Alarm Centre can also provide monitoring services for any other systems or alarms, including bodycams, panic buttons, temporary alarm systems and environmental alarms tracking situations such as water ingress, gas leaks, heat signatures and other emissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ARC is a type of security monitoring facility responsible for supervising alarm systems and security devices. When a device issues an alert, a colleague raises an alarm, or an automatic monitoring system is activated, a signal is transmitted to the designated response team.

They then investigate the cause, liaise with on-site staff and follow your protocols, whether evacuating your building, notifying security patrols, communicating with your managers or summoning the emergency services.

Alarms and security cameras are only effective when they initiate a response. If an alarm sounds but is disregarded or assumed to be a false alert, an intrusion, theft or break-in will often be successful.

Our services ensure that all alarms are logged and verified. Responders will trigger a reaction to any criminal activity, accidents, or emergencies and record a log of each activation to assist with follow-up investigations.

Depending on the nature of the incident, a real-time break-in will normally result in communications with the police, notifying any on-site staff and, where possible, informing the intruder they are being recorded. ARC responders will, for example, use CCTV cameras and video-verified alarms to confirm that the alarm is genuine and share this information with the emergency services to direct their response.