Advanced Rental

Daily Hire or Advanced Rental options

We aim to make our steel security screens and temporary security doors as cost-effective as possible. So, unlike others, we give you a choice.

Daily Hire

Shorter-term vacants only require short-term security measures. Our daily hire agreement allows you to only pay for what you use – when you need it. Like hiring a car. 

After the minimum hire period has elapsed, you can instruct a free of charge removal of our steel security equipment with nothing further to pay (so long as the equipment is in good condition). We will credit any unused hire costs if we have invoiced in advance. Any deposit paid will be refunded too.

Daily hire means you don’t have a big upfront security cost which helps your cashflow at a time when the property may not be generating any revenue.

Advanced Rental

Longer-term voids could be secured more cost-effectively by a single, one-off Advanced Rental payment. By invoicing our hire charges in advance, we cap the cost of steel security no matter how long it is installed. This gives you peace of mind that security costs won’t escalate if delays occur in the property sale or disposal.

We will continue to maintain and support your steel security installation if any problems occur for a separate fee. 

Secure Empty Property Limited retain ownership of the steel security equipment whilst it is installed. So we request that you inform us of any change of ownership of the property in advance so that we can recover our goods. The steel security window screens and doors are not part of the property sale or assets of the landlord.

Once you instruct us that the property is to be sold or you no longer require the security, we will remove the equipment free of charge.

Our temporary alarm systems are only available on a daily hire basis as they require continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure their optimum effectiveness.

Interested? Contact our experienced and friendly team and we can have your property secured in hours.

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