What is an Intrusion Detection System and which businesses use them?

Early detection of incursions at an empty property or along your perimeter may help avoid more serious crimes like fly-tipping, theft, and squatting.

Intrusion detection systems are sophisticated security tools that, as their name implies, find intrusions. They can be configured to keep an eye on particular assets or integrated to supervise the whole perimeter or border of a building, site or commercial enterprise.

These advanced systems, equipped with cutting-edge wireless transmission technology and highly sensitive sensors, are designed to identify any movement, pressure, or unusual activity.

They ensure a rapid response to any potential security breach and can give commercial property owners peace of mind about the effectiveness of their security measures.

An intrusion detection system will identify any attempt by an intruder to circumvent the perimeter and promptly report the activity to security patrols, guards, and emergency response teams.

The swift response is a powerful deterrent to potential criminals, instilling confidence in your business’s security.

Our movable inView Detect device, for instance, may be mounted anywhere, including at ground level and along walls and fences. By detecting movement, these devices make sure that any unauthorised entrance attempts are promptly detected.


Why should your business invest in a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System? 

Businesses can create a network of security coverage using Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (which can cover perimeters several miles away) to reinforce security by keeping criminals away from protected buildings.

These technology improvements make it easier to introduce higher degrees of perimeter security control within secure premises. Portable intrusion detection equipment can provide dependable and reasonably priced security alerts instantly.

Entrance detection devices are often integrated into larger security systems, allowing site managers to receive real-time app-based alerts whenever something odd, suspicious, or unexpected happens.

When motion is detected, for example, a sensitive detection system will alert the relevant parties and record the location and time of the event.

A PID system can be placed or moved to certain places if your facility is large or has a lot of open space so that patrols or responders will know exactly where the attempted incursion has happened and can conduct an appropriate investigation.

To ensure a tailored response, each gadget has four HD cameras that record an animation of the events.

What are the operational features of an intrusion detection system? 

For any intrusion detection system to function, it must be protected from manipulation and vandalism. With wireless motion detection equipment, worries about cut cables and adverse weather conditions are removed.

Boundaries are kept secure, and an integrated system that covers any size site can be built by positioning several detecting units at key junctures. For the best coverage, our inView Detect devices can be combined with inView CCTV towers.

These systems lower the possibility of a false alarm. They’re designed to ignore warnings associated with wildlife, like a badger or fox, by excluding triggers that are taller than 80 cm.

The device is also able to discriminate between sounds produced by the environment, strong winds, and people or cars. Intrusion Detection Systems’ versatile range of designs can also provide additional benefits for premises with elevated security risks.

Portable intrusion detection devices can identify approaching vehicles, footfall, or crawling before the site boundary is reached – an essential asset where there is no physical perimeter such as a fence line or wall.

What are the different types of perimeter intrusion detection systems?

Based on a thorough site assessment, our knowledgeable security consultants can suggest the best installations and systems, however, there are several options available:

  • When placed on a wall, fence, or other perimeter, fence or barrier units function as motion sensors.
  • When a facility needs protection but lacks a physical wall or fence, ground-level perimeter security devices can be positioned at ground level or elevated.
  • Independently operating in any environment, setting, or location, free-standing intrusion detection systems are movable as needed.


Our inView Detect fast-deployment perimeter intrusion detection system is a popular choice among facility managers because it can be installed to safeguard any type of asset or location. 

These units are frequently employed in combat situations and can be utilised, for instance, to encircle a mobile unit, like a car.

Where can intrusion detection systems be used? 

Many organisations, public sector facilities, governmental structures, and residential properties place a high premium on perimeter security. Here is a summary of a few of the most popular applications:

  • Solar farms: As the number of solar farms in the UK rises, these facilities that store valuable panels and battery equipment are subject to a significant danger of intrusion. Additionally, because of their nature, solar farms must span a large area of land and are challenging to monitor.
  • Construction sites and developments: Due to the frequent movement of equipment and supplies that are essential to corporate operations, security concerns can vary daily on a quickly-changing building site. Several movements of a unit may be necessary to provide immediate security for high-risk regions.
  • Private residential zones: Intrusion detection systems are used in gated residences and residential neighbourhoods to enhance security. Guards can be immediately alerted if someone tries to enter the area.
  • Storage facilities: Thieves often target self-storage companies, warehouses, and other commercial establishments, especially those that hold expensive merchandise, vehicles, and other valuables in storage.
  • Agricultural properties: To guard against animal damage and theft, as well as thefts of expensive machinery, inventory, and equipment, farmers install perimeter security sensors.


Any location where there is a higher danger of theft, unauthorised access, and intrusion could greatly benefit from installing an intrusion detection system.

To establish a monitoring perimeter for locations like testing and laboratory facilities or shipping terminals, more than one portable unit can be installed placed adjacent to an asset or storage bay.

These devices’ movable design makes them perfect for properties that border open space, fields, forests, parks, lakes, public access roads, and coastlines, where movement may be quickly detected regardless of the intruder’s method of entry or direction. 

How do you select a suitable intrusion detection system? 

Since every location, company, building, or space is unique, a security advisor will evaluate a number of factors before offering suggestions, taking into consideration:

  • The site’s terrain and scenery, including the presence of physical barriers surrounding your area.
  • Local meteorological conditions evaluating factors like seaside proximity, exposure to saltwater, or strong winds for locations that are elevated.
  • Existing security measures, such as whether your building has a guard stationed inside or perimeter controls.