Ultra I HD available across the UK on weekly Rental Monitored 24/7 via GSM

Absolutely top class system developed for remote border crossings and military use now fully integrated into SEP’s product offering for any situation either covertly or installed on our Mobile Tower.

  • Mobile wireless & battery based solution
  • Captures Full HD images of vandals and thieves alerts our central monitoring point about unusual activity in daylight or night time.
  • Utilising the GSM network with long battery life and ruggedised format enables the System to constantly monitor their locations WHEREVER they are located.
  • No need for cabled networking as ALL connectivity is wireless.
  • There is no need for electricity as the image capture and communications devices have over 400 days battery life or up to 50 000 images with 35 meter range.
  • With the cloud and monitoring 24/7 information we capture and view the  properties , Regionally, Nationally, Globally from one monitoring centre.