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A-Z Resources


Accreditations – What 3rd party accreditations are important for a contractor?

Advanced Rental – Why is Advanced Rental different from hire?

Anti-tamper – What anti-tamper fixings prevent security screens from removal?

ARC – What is the alarm Receiving Centre’s role in security?

Arson – What are the risks associated with arson?


Boarding – Is plywood boarding effective against vandals?

Broker – Should I inform my insurance broker my property is vacant?

Burglary – What items are most at risk from burglars?


Caretakers – Can caretakers live-in to provide security?

Clearance – Why is this important in void security?

Concrete blocks – How can these be utilised to prevent traveller occupation?


Deadlocks – What locking system is used on temporary doors?

Depot – Where is my local depot to secure my property?


EICR – Do I need an EICR for my void?

Emergency – What can I do in an emergency if my property is remote?

Empty – When does a property become formally empty?


Fencing – How can I use temporary fencing to protect my site?

Fly-tipping – What can prevent fly-tipping at my property?


4G – What communication is used with the alarms?

GasSafe – What certificates do I need when reletting a vacant property?

GPRS – How does GPRS work with alarms?

Guardians – What are the pitfalls of using Guardians?

Gurkhas – Can I use Gurkhas to protect my property?


Handovers – How can you help with property handovers and tenant churn

Health & Safety – What are the main H&S issues with an empty property?

HERAS – What is HERAS fencing?


Image – How does image capture alarm verification work?

Innovation – What new innovations are available?

Insurance – What policy conditions are usual for a vacant property?

Inspections – Do I need to inspect my property when it has been secured?


Keys – How can I manage access to my property?


Lead – How risky is lead theft?

Legionella – What are the risks of legionella in my void?


Military – Is military technology used to protect voids?


Pest control – Should I change my pest control for a vacant property?

Plywood – What’s wrong with using plywood to secure my vacant property?

Police – What is the role of the police in protecting my empty property?


Rental – Can I rent security when I don’t know how long I will need it?

Response – How quickly can my property be secured?

Risk – How can risk be evaluated to understand security requirements?


SIA – Is Secure Empty Property SIA approved?

Sitex – What are Sitex screens?

Smoke detection – Can I reduce the risk of fire in my property?

Squatters – How can I prevent squatting?

Squatting – Is it illegal to squat in a property?

SSAIB – What is SSAIB accreditation?

Statutory testing – What is required when I re-let my vacant property?

Steel security – How can my vacant property be made safe?


Target hardening – How can a vulnerable property be made more secure?

Tower – How can building sites be secured with mobile towers?

Towers – Can mobile Towers be used without mains power?

Traveller occupation – How can I prevent travellers from occupying my site?

Trespass – Can the police stop trespassers?

TVCB – What is a TVCB?


Ultra – What alarm options are available?

Utilities – What should I do with the utilities in my property?


Vandalism – Are voids more liable to vandalism than other property?

Void – What is a void?

VPI – How regularly should I conduct VPIs?


Window screens – How are these installed to minimise damage?

Windows – How can I protect my windows from being broken?

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