Residential, Low Churn, Medium Risk

Your Property has been identified as being at Medium risk

As such we would recommend the following services to you:

  • Internal & External Site Survey and Report
  • Remove plywood boarding ‘Security’
  • Steel anti-vandal doors & screens to ground and vulnerable 1st floor openings
  • Purpose-designed battery powered & wireless temporary alarm system with intruder PIR’s to main entry-points and permanently active smoke detection. 24/7 monitoring & response
  • Key-holding service
  • Keysafe or Keyless void security door system
  • Weekly site inspections (VPI) and report
  • Clearance of combustible waste and ‘sharps’
  • Drain down water systems and isolate utilities
  • Garden clearance & regular maintenance
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Removal of high-value items (boilers etc) OR installation of wireless tamper device
  • Battery-powered lighting to mimic occupancy – internal
  • Guardian occupation with void alarm system
  • Barriers & fencing to car-park or access gates
  • Dummy CCTV cameras with LED light – external
  • Solar-powered external lighting with movement detection – external
  • ‘Smartwater’ intruder tagging linked to void alarm system
  • Security signage to all site elevations


Interested? Contact our experienced and friendly team and we can have your property secured in hours.

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