Hawthorn Leisure Sign new Security Contract

A new three-year Nationwide agreement with Secure Empty Property Limited streamlines closed-house refurbishment and disposals

Hawthorn Leisure, the pub operations arm of NewRiver REIT plc, has signed a three year service agreement with Secure Empty Property Limited, a specialist vacant property security contractor.

Secure Empty Property has been supporting the Hawthorn property team for over five years providing temporary physical and electronic security to mitigate risks of vandalism, arson, squatting, fly-tipping and traveler occupation to vacant pubs. The new contract follows a comprehensive review of service requirements, cost effectiveness and alternative suppliers in the market.

The acquisition of Hawthorn Leisure by NewRiver in May 2018 had resulted in a fragmented supply-chain over the Group for these specialist services. The approach to security was fragmented and so a competitive tender was issued to consolidate services to a single nationwide supplier.

Secure Empty Property can add value to the Hawthorn property team by not just providing specialist security products and technology but ensuring full compliance with unoccupied property insurance policy conditions. This requires lock changes, drain down of water systems and isolation of utilities together with regular inspections to each site. In addition, Secure Empty Property can deliver ‘safe start’ compliance certification for new tenancies for Legionella, Gas Safe and Electrical Installation Condition Reports – EICR.

Andrew Cannons – Property & Facilities Director for Hawthorn Leisure says, ‘Our long-term relationship with Secure Empty Property has borne fruit over many years creating a close working partnership. Although it was important to approach the market in this tender to seek the most competitive prices, reliability and excellent responsive service is also critical. And we are confident that Secure Empty Property can deliver a one-stop-shop for Hawthorn Leisure over the coming years as our pub portfolio grows’.

Secure Empty Property Chief Executive Simon Broadbent says, ‘We are delighted to have successfully won this three year contract with our important client Hawthorn Leisure. As we develop our wider Property Asset Management services and introduce new security technology, we are confident that we will drive increasing efficiencies in closed house disposals and refurbishment programmes’.