Securing Flats Whilst They Are Being Renovated in Hulme, Manchester.

Property Type: Block of Flats

Secured In: Less than one week

Services: Alarms and CCTV // Security Doors and Window Screens

When the owners of individual flats in Hulme, Manchester, had to be relocated, as the property requires structural repair, Secure Empty Property was tasked with ensuring that the empty building is secure while work is carried out.

To ensure that the property was properly secure while the essential maintenance is carried out, SEP secured the main entrance doors, windows and communal areas to the ground floor, underground car park and any other vulnerable openings.

Secure Empty Property’s modular screens, which are available in 22 different sizes, were the ideal product for this particular block of flats.

Work involved removing the double glazing units in windows and installing wooden studding to ensure that there was no damage done to the communal entrance frames.

There was a risk that the property could be targeted for break-in so the Ultra GSM Alarm system was installed internally in the corridors as well to ensure that any potential vandals, thieves or squatters would be detected if they broke in and deterred.

SEP’s Ultra I image capture system was also installed externally and was able to pick up some intruders on a recent Saturday night. Secure Empty Property alerted police and were able to offer them CCTV image footage, which led to arrests.

With the company’s help the property remains secure, the building repairs are on-going and able to be carried out safely, and the owners have peace of mind.

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