Business Site in High Risk City Centre Location Repossessed and Secured.

Property Type: Commercial

Secured In: 24 Hours

Services: Alarms and CCTV // Security Doors & Window Screens

Background Information:

Eviction of current tenant followed by addition of vacant property security measures.

The client had made the decision to evict their tenant currently operating a restaurant out of the property. The client approached us with a set of strict requirements: a specific date was set for the eviction and would need to happen at midnight. It would have be done quickly to minimise disruption to surrounding business. To ensure we met the client’s specific requirements, multiple meetings and conference calls took place, outline any potential problems, and going through planning and then approval phases.

The Scenario:

Busy, high risk city centre location, with a large glass entrance way and exterior walls.

The property is located in a city centre, near a variety of other businesses. Minimising disruption to the area and to those business was a high priority. The property itself has glass walls along 2 sides, with an area of over 200 square feet that needed to be boarded up.

The front of the property ran adjacent to a small wall, creating a small recess that, due to the high homeless population in the area, presented a risk.

The client also wanted the property to be monitored to protect against the risk of  break-ins and fire.

The Solution:

A custom built timber frame, steel security covers, and remotely monitored temporary alarm and smoke detection.

Our teams started the process of repossessing the property at the pre-agreed time of midnight. Changing the locks to secure the access points. Temporary alarms and smoke detectors were installed, and then a combination of timber studding and steel covers were used to secure the entire vacant property.

The work was done quickly to minimise disruption, and was completed before public transport to the city centre began again at 6am. Leaving morning commuters and other nearby businesses completely un-effected.

Additional work

The client is now considering how to use the property moving forward, including re-letting it. As a result of the professionally handled service we provided to secure the property, they have approached us to clear the property and use our deep clean service to prepare the property for a new tenant.