Temporary Fencing & Concrete Bollard Rental

At Secure Empty Property we provide a range of temporary fencing, including metal fences, concrete bollards and timber hoarding.

Temporary fencing is used to prevent unauthorised access to a building or location. Less expensive than a a fixed solution, quicker to install and easily expanded. It's an easy and cost efficient way to ensure that your site won't be misused. Temporary fencing also helps avoid the costs often associated with unauthorised access, including damage to property, squatting, theft and vandalism.

Concrete Barriers

Prevents unauthorised access to your open land or car parking areas.  Barrier blocks or fencing are an effective way to secure the land around a property.

They help prevent access against unwelcome visits from trespassers in vehicles, people wanting to fly tip or set up traveller encampments and help with Health & Safety considerations.

Secure Empty Property will advise on the best and most effective type of barrier protection to suit the property, be it concrete blocks or temporary metal fencing.

Temporary fencing

Temporary Heras type perimeter fencing can be installed quickly to provide protection to your building, construction or demolition site.

This creates a further ‘target hardening’ in conjunction with physical and electronic security measures.

Options include vehicle and pedestrian gates, heavy-duty anti-climb options and acoustic or netting to reduce visibility onto the site if needed.

Temporary steel hoarding

Temporary steel hoarding panels offer enhanced site protection.

Providing privacy, safety and security to the site, this system can be installed quickly and without digging on site.

In addition, pedestrian and vehicle gates can be incorporated into any installation to suit the building or demolition site requirements