Security Doors and Window Screens

Unique access control providing you with an efficient same day visual and physical deterrent to intruders.

Our modular range of security screens with bespoke high security fixings and interchangeable security doors gives us the required flexibility to secure any type of residential or commercial property.

Window Screens

SEP have a choice of screen types dependent on property type.

Modular steel screens in numerous sizes with flexible fixing points over their surface connected by utilising steel studding or cable, and then linked by  bolts or ratchets to steel internal bars across the inside of  the window  reveal. This ‘sandwiches’ the window opening removing the need for damage to window frames and often the need to de-glaze.

We also have the option for some property types or circumstance such as, demolition or long term hire/ sale galvanised 1.2mm perforated  steel sheet cut to window reveal size installed with our own unique security screws .

Security Doors

The SEP doors are designed by and manufactured for Secure Empty Property Limited and are  available in three widths 800, 840, 870mm. There is also the facility to extend the doors by extensions to make sure the actual property door opening is fully covered both in width and height if needed.

The door frame is manufactured from 2mm zintec steel material and powdercoated. The door skin is manufactured from 1.5mm zintec steel and powdercoated. The door has three purpose made two piece hinges with each male/female part welded to the door frame and skin. The door skin is designed so that if someone attacked the hinges to try and lift the door skin off there is not enough room to lift it out from the door frame.

The security door has two 5 lever mortise deadlocks fitted that are suited which are unique to SEP.

The security door is fitted in front of the existing property door and opens outwards. The door is secured in situ with four number ‘two top and two bottom’ either rigid fixings ‘tubular steel with a nut on one end and a thread inside the tubular steel or 10mm threaded  bar dependant on the property door reveal type. They are connected by bolting to two ‘top and bottom’ telescopic back bars made from 3mm zintec steel which are located into the reveal door frame of the existing   property door being secured. This creates a very strong brace between the steel security door and the property door frame.