A vacant property is a risk to your investment. Having an unoccupied space raises the risk of squatters moving in, fly-tippers taking advantage, or anti-social individuals breaking in and vandalising the space.

What Happens When You Need an Emergency Boarding Up Service

Even with the best will in the world, and in a good area, a vacant property still runs the risk of unforeseeable problems and costly damage.

An emergency boarding up service, whether due to a tenant moving out, eviction or acquisition of a new property, is a vital part of the property management process. If any issues come up, it needs to be dealt with quickly to ensure that problems don’t escalate further while your property is vulnerable.

By bringing in experts, such as Secure Empty Property, you’re able to see what needs to be done, actioned and completed within 24 hours of contact.

For emergency boarding up it’s important that the right materials are used. We carry out our work with 1.2mm galvanised, perforated, steel sheeting. With an anti-vandal specification it does not rust or allow natural light for ventilation.

It’s important to ensure that the whole property is boarded up and that there is no chance of people being able to gain access via a different entry. Custom fit boards can fit snuggly into window reveals and can be custom-fit to fill larger retail openings or skylights. People may still try and gain entry via damaging the boarding. Our fixings have their own anti-tamper design.

The benefits of using galvanised steel over other materials is that it isn’t combustible and does not degrade over time, unlike plywood hoardings.

Post-emergency boarding up, you can decide what other measures might be needed to keep the property secure. From alarms through to manned property inspections, there is more on offer to ensure that your investment is protected. We can guide you through the process, assess the risks and put a package together that fits your needs.

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