Installing security screens is a cost-effective and efficient way to protect your property, and prevent potential break-ins, vandalism, or squatting

Steel Screens Versus Timber Boarding: Why steel is best to secure your empty property.

These screens act as both a visual and physical deterrent to potential intruders, and provide a high level of security to ensure your properties are kept safe.

While there are different ways to protect your property, good quality steel screens give the strength and reassurance that your property is secure for longer. While plywood would, on initial appearance, seem to be the cheap option, that isn’t really the case.

Property insurance companies do not consider timber boarding an effective security measure for a vacant property, plywood boarding needs to be pressure treated with a flame retardant coating. The cost to treat 18mm marine plywood actually makes galvanised steel more cost effective.

Well suited for both short term and long-term vacant properties, galvanised steel screens are tougher, durable and prevent issues with damage. Sheeting will also not degrade over time, unlike wood which can lead to the risk of vandalism. An anti-vandal specification will allow mean that the sheeting is free from rust.

We use perforated steel sheeting. which is an investment that will ensure that your property is more protected from damage while vacant. Unlike wood it also allows light into the property, allowing easier inspections.

Steel screens give confidence for yourself and the surrounding community that a property is being looked after, even while void. It shows a commitment that the property has value and new life will be breathed into it. It also allows peace of mind that, regardless of the conditions, you can trust in the quality of the material securing your properties.

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