Squatting has become increasingly common, rising by 130% in the last 6 years. SEP can help.

Squatter Eviction - Take back control of your property

The problem: The difficult process of dealing with Squatters and their eviction.

Squatting is the entry into and habitation of a property, either residential or commercial, without the permission of the owner or tenant, and unfortunately, has become much more common as levels of homelessness have increased.

As of 2016, the upward trend in officially estimated rough sleepers was still evident, with the national total increasing by over 130% since records began in 2010. As a result, the risk that empty properties could be occupied has increased, a trend which statistics suggest is going to continue, especially in urban and inner-city areas.

The Solution:

If  the worst does happen, and your property becomes occupied by squatters, there are steps you can take to rectify the problem. We work with some of the largest Bailiff companies in the UK to help with the eviction process.

This includes a complete range of services:

- Risk Assessment and quote prior to any action

- Eviction of squatters - Includes collection of evidence required for any convictions

- Site clearance - Includes disposal of rubbish and all hazardous materials

- Security - We can help secure the site to prevent squatters from regaining access to the property

However, to avoid the cost and significant effort involved in the process of removing squatters from a vacant property, it's best to be proactive and protect your property by preventing access entirely. Our steel shuttering and temporary monitored intruder alarm and CCTV systems can offer you the protection required to minimize your risks.

To speak to one of our advisors about our preventative measures or about our squatter eviction services contact us here.