A majority of social housing tenants voted to Leave the European Union, according to an analysis by polling expert Lord Ashcroft. Written by Sophie Barnes for http://www.insidehousing.co.uk

Majority of social housing tenants ‘voted leave the EU’

Conservative peer Michael Ashcroft surveyed 12,369 people after they had voted, including 1,648 social housing tenants. The survey found 58% voted to Leave the EU.

In contrast, a survey by Inside Housing prior to the referendum showed 92% of housing association chief executives planned to vote remain and 78% believed leaving the EU would have a negative impact.

Voters were asked why they chose to vote Leave or Remain. The most popular reason for a Leave vote was a belief that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK, with 49% citing this reason.

The second most popular reason, with the backing of 33% of respondents, was that leaving the EU “offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders”.

Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who was a prominent Leave campaigner throughout the campaign, claimed voter turnout from “council estates” was “very high” shortly after the polls closed last Friday.

When asked about their view on changes to the economy and society 42% of those who voted to Leave the EU felt these posed more threats to their standard of living than opportunities, compared with 20% of Remain voters.

Nearly three quarters – 73% – of those who voted to Remain thought life in the UK is better today than it was 30 years ago, whereas 58% of those who voted to Leave said it is worse.

Source: insidehousing.co.uk