More investment in products

SEP GSM Ultra Alarms

As the business expands we increase our stock holding of products to make sure we can meet out customers needs at short notice be it a one bedroom flat or a closed hotel. We spent a year before we started the business designing our GSM Ultra Alarm monitored system with a top electronics manufacturer in the UK and it is proven now in millions of operational hours and installed within hours from instruction.  

Telephone our National Call Centre  0330 088 1973 to talk to one of our experts on how we can protect your empty property.

The alarms communicate ‘sim card fitted’ via the mobile telephone networks GSM on any network ‘quad band’. We also have a special gateway within those networks to ensure our transmissions are received quickly.  The alarms will first communicate to the monitoring centre via GPRS through the internet and as a fail-safe they will then revert to GSM typically in under 12 seconds.

The technology within the alarm is used by a number of police forces for witness protection and meets BSEN 50131 for Intruder Alarm Systems Grade 2 Class 2.

The main alarm unit is contained within 3mm zintec steel housing with a block antenna situated under the carrying handle. The alarm has a self-contained military battery specification which gives over three year’s life. The alarm is bolted to the floor with specially designed security bolts with a tool unique to SEP for fixing and removing.

The main alarm unit has an in-built tamper if someone tries to remove it and siren of 116DB. The main alarm unit has the capacity of multiple settings for entry/exit delay, siren time, I Button key arm and dis-arm functions.

We have a range of wireless detectors which include internal pir’s passive infra-red’, shock sensors, smoke detectors, external pir’s, and external sirens. All wireless detectors have a minimum of three years battery life and signal into the main alarm unit if they have a low battery or have been moved or tampered with. We can link up to 42 detectors to one main alarm unit dependant on detector location distance.