Following the tenant fee abolition in Scotland, the rest of the UK may be following. Written by Rebecca McAdam for http://www.24housing.co.uk

Most landlords unaware tenant fees may be scrapped

Tenants can be charged anything from £50 to £500 when signing in or out of a rental contract.

Baroness Grenader has proposed changes to the Renters’ Rights Bill, which would see fees being dropped by letting agents.

Research from Upad, one of the UK’s largest online letting agents, shows the majority (54%) of landlords are not aware of the government’s plan.

The study also shows landlords are quite relaxed about it, and of course, tenants are in favour of the changes.

But Upad thinks the government has got its priorities wrong by planning to scrap the fees.

When tenants were asked to make a choice between either rent or fee capping, nearly 60% said they would choose rent capping.

Upad said: “Maybe the government should focus more of its efforts on increasing supply rather than the removal of tenant’s fees, as this would reduce the rent prices nationally and save tenants more money in the long run.”

source: www24housing .co.uk