Fencing around your site is very important to prevent unauthorised access, theft, vandalism and to protect the public.

Reasons for selecting temporary fencing for your site

The Health and Safety at Work Act says that employers have to protect individuals that are not employed by the contractor, such as the general public, ensuring you aren't putting them at risk.  So, as you evaluate what solution is right for your site, you must ensure it for fills all the requirements set out by both the CDM regulations and Health and Safety at Work Act. In addition, contractors have statutory obligations under the Defective Premises Act and Occupiers

Liability Act where trespassers can sue landlords should they be injured on a building site.

There are lots of solutions out there, but here's some reasons to assist in your decision when considering temporary fencing.

1) Rapid Installation.

The nature of fencing is to provide you with flexibility so it can be installed quickly, safely and properly ensuring your site is safe and secure as and when you need it to be.

2) Prevention

All panels are designed with narrower mesh and vertical wires, making it extremely difficult to climb over. In addition to this we can supply anti-lift blocks making temporary fencing both difficult to climb and impossible to lift. Options of solid infill panels also prevent visibility of the site and any high value items or plant.


Creating a safe site perimeter is only the first step in creating a secure site. By incorporating intruder detection, both the site and property are made more secure. Alarm technology now allow remote monitoring from systems which don’t require mains power, phone lines or wires.

4) Low Cost

We can offer flexible hire agreements that provide you with a wide variety options to suit any business requirements and budget and timeline.

5) Weather Resistant

As of its wire mesh structure, fencing panels are designed to withstand the effects of high winds and storms. Other solutions may be susceptible to wind which can sometimes push them over.  But as of the gaps in the mesh, this allows the wind to pass through instead of hitting a solid structure.  However, we must add that it is also important to consider the location to ensure they retain their stability on uneven ground.

6) Promotion

It may not be the top of your agenda when its urgent to secure your site, but once installed, fencing can easily have a dual purpose, by using the space to add advertisements or notices for employees and/or any visitors.

Temporary fencing is cost-effective short term security solution which offers you absolute versatility.

If temporary fencing sounds like what you need for your site call call 0330 088 1973 or email operations@secureemptyproperty.com to find out more about the options available.