Property Insurance Compliance

Secure Empty Property is recommended by a wide range of specialist property insurers and brokers. With a proven track record in mitigating risks to vacant property, Secure Empty Property is the ‘contractor of choice’ to ensure insurance policy conditions are met, independently evidenced and cover maintained.

Risks to empty property include not just vandalism, squatting, arson, traveller occupation and theft but also landlords’ statutory obligations under the Defective Premises Act and Occupiers Liability.

Our services and accreditations meet the specifications of most insurers and taking a professional approach to security can minimise insurance premiums, enhance cover and improve claims history. We can introduce landlords to insurance brokers who have a specialist understanding of vacant property and who will offer preferential rates. When considering the
security of unoccupied buildings, a typical insurance policy condition is:-

Option 1
  • Temporary intruder alarm system – as provided by Secure Empty Property
Option 2
  • Conventional Intruder Alarm System – when mains power is live.

However, this can conflict with the requirement to isolate power to minimise fire risk and make the property less attractive to squatters.

Option 3
  • Professional Guarding.

Static guards can offer a quick security solution but at a significant cost. Secure Empty Property’s physical and electronic security options offer similar levels of security at a fraction of the cost.


Our fully accredited alarm system complies with most vacant property insurance requirements and provides the following:-
  • Remote verification of system activation.

  • Our 24/7 alarm receiving centre operates in accordance with BS 5979 and is NSI Gold accredited

  • The system is remotely checked once every 24 hours including low battery checks, ensuring that your property is always covered.

  • Weekly incident logs can be made available to the insurer by our Alarm Receiving Centre within 24 hours of request.

  • Professional key holder services are used as the primary contact in the event of intruder alarm activation, with such company required to be registered to BS.7499 and/or ISO.9000.

Additionally, it may be an insurance policy condition to provide:-
  • Weekly property inspections – internally and externally

  • Isolate mains power, gas and drain-down water systems

Our Ultra alarm system is battery powered and does not use a telephone line, so operates without mains power to the building with a 3-year battery life. In addition, ‘arming and dis-arming’ the alarm unit independently evidences both the date and duration of the weekly inspection to support any claim.